Amazon is one of my favorite ways to shop; no coupons, no stores and delivered right to my door. Through the subscribe and save program I am able to save money and not pay shipping. What could be better? The 2 programs that make Amazon so great are Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save.

Amazon Mom. Sign up for this free program and save up to 30% on diapers and wipes. Another benefit of Amazon mom is for every $25 you spend, you earn 3 months of their Amazon Prime program which gives you free shipping on any Amazon items marked with Amazon Prime.

Subscribe and Save. A lot of grocery and baby items are included in the subscribe and save programs. When you pick an item you want, you can save an additional 15% if you agree to allow them to send you monthly shipments. The best part is, there is no requirement to keep the subscription active. You can cancel your subscription once you receieve your first shipment. Its very simple to do, sign into your account, choose manage subscribe and save, find the product you want to cancel and click the cancel button. That’s it. Quick, easy and no questions asked.