Combine advantage card savings, eOffers and coupons for the best savings at Giant Eagle.

* Advantage Card
This is GE’s saving card. Sign up for one at customer service. This will allow you to get the sale prices at the store and track/ redeem fuel perks.

* eOffers
These are special savings found online. Simply log into your account online and “clip” coupons. Within about 4 hours, these savings will be added to your advantage card. When you check out at the register, you will get the extra savings.

* Coupons
According to their policy, GE will double manufacturer coupons up to $.99
Exception: coupons with a barcode beginning in a 7 or 9
Note: only 12 of the same coupon can be used in any one shopping trip

GE’s buy one get sale is actually a 50% off sale. You do not have to buy 2 to get the savings.