1. Sunday paper. I get one paper delivered on Sunday and this gives me most of what I use. I do ask family and friends for their coupons once they have taken what they want. Extra coupons can make or break a good sale.

2. Online coupon sites. Their are several good reputable coupon sites. For example, coupons.com has many of the coupons from the paper and them some.

3. Manufacturer sites. Go to your favorite makers sites to see what they offer. For example, Kraft has a program where they make give you free products just for signing up to receive emails from them.

4. If there is products you use and don’t see coupons, write or call the company. They will usually send you some or maybe free samples.

5. In stores. Blink machines and tearpads are other sources of valuable coupons. Sometimes products will even have coupons attached.

6. Buy coupons online. eBay and other sites will offer multiple coupons for sale. This is a good option if you are looking to stock up on a product. Please note, While I will buy coupons from eBay, I will only buy manufacturer coupons found in the paper. People will sell ones from the blinks, tear pads and ones attached to products. I don’t feel it is right to take these from the store for profit. I believe everyone should get their fair share. Just my opinion, feel free to make your decisions.