This weekend the kids had fun at camp making frosting covered apples.  We got the idea from the back of a Pillsbury frosting can.  With apples in season we were able to grab some for $.99 a pound making this a cheap and fun project.

All you do is slid  a popsicle stick in each apple.  Microwave frosting for about 30 seconds (make sure to remove the metal lid). We used chocolate frosting, but any flavor would work.  When the frosting is melted, simply spoon over the entire apple.  We then sprinkled crushed Oreos on each one.  The original recipe called for Sprinkles, but we didn’t have any.

Warning…these make a MESS, to make and eat.  That was okay with us, sometimes its fun making a mess.  The kids thought this was a great treat.  I didn’t think they tasted that great, as long as they were happy with it we might do it again one day.