My kids enjoyed making these cute Halloween decorations this week. This was a super easy and cheap project that all ages can create. This project costs under $2 each to make and the kids had so much fun with it.

What you need:

Cheese Cloth – use 50% off Michael’s or JoAnn’s coupons to get this around $2
Googly Eyes – $1
Glass bowls – $1
Elmer’s Glue – $.25
Food Coloring – optional

How to:
1) Cut the cheese cloth into manageable pieces about 1” wide. Don’t be exact, any size will work.
2) I put the pieces into bowls of food coloring to give some color to the mummy. This is optional as white looks great too.
3) Put glue all over the outside of the bowl. Wrap the cheese cloth around the bowl until the entire this is covered like a mummy.
4) Glue on eyes
5) Let dry and add a candle

Quick, easy and cheap…have fun!