Have you heard about Ebates?  Their company slogan is “Where it pays to shop online”.They offer a rebate just for going through their site before making a purchase online.  Each store has a different amount of cash back and coupons available.  I have been a member for years and love it.

All you do to participate in the program is sign up for your free account here.  Next time you want to shop, sign into Ebates, choose your store and you are directed to that stores website.  Ebates will track your purchase and send you a check quarterly.

Ebates is currently running a promotion where you will get a $5 bonus with your first purchase!

Some examples of current offers: Old Navy 10%, JC Penny 5%, Sears 4%, Home Depot 3%

Think a few percent here and there won’t add up to much?  You would be surprised, I have a friend that planned her kitchen remodel using stores from Ebates…she got a check back that was enough to pay for her dishwasher!  Sometimes it does pay to shop.